You need to know taboos when traveling to Vietnam 

You need to know taboos when traveling to Vietnam 

When coming to Vietnam, tourists often imagine a heroic history and an unspoiled country. However, Vietnam is developing to integrate into the world and be more modern than before! Visitors can travel to Vietnam with the most luxurious facilities. Just you need to know the taboos when traveling to Vietnam:

Taboos when traveling to Vietnam – Customs

Asian cultures have many customs that are different from Western traditions. Some habits of foreign tourists can make local people uncomfortable, the following behaviors should be avoided:

  • Bringing shoes into the house without permission (Locals often wear their slippers or go barefoot indoors)

  • Talking loudly, and laughing while passing a funeral is very impolite.

  • Irritability and disrespect can get visitors into trouble.

  • When eating in large groups, the elderly should start the meal first.

  • Many Vietnamese dishes mainly use chopsticks, you can use a spoon or fork you bring to make it easier.

  • Avoid spilling food, knocking on the bowl with chopsticks, or making too loud noises when eating.

  • Giving white daisies and marigolds is not a friendly gesture.

  • Shooting in highland villages requires the permission of local people.

  • Filming in military facilities is also illegal.

  • The act of being too intimate in public is quite offensive.

  • Using addictive substances such as drugs, and opium, ... is strictly prohibited

  • Alcoholic beverages are age-restricted from 18 years of age and do not drive while intoxicated.

  • Acts of destroying landscape monuments and insulting are all fined

Taboos when traveling to Vietnam – Customs

Taboos when traveling to Vietnam – Customs

Most of Vietnam's legal regulations have certain similarities with international law and modern social standards, visitors just need to keep a gentle attitude to enjoy a wonderful trip. Young Vietnamese people are quite familiar with English, you can learn some historical communication sayings such as Xin Chao (hello), Thank you (Thank you), Xin loi (sorry),... Google translate can be relatively supportive when communicating.

Taboos when traveling to Vietnam – Dressing

It is not taboo but winter clothes are not suitable for hot, humid, and rainy weather in Vietnam. Tourists can comfortably dress at entertainment venues but need to keep a certain rule because many Vietnamese people are quite traditional. 

Taboos when traveling to Vietnam – Dressing

Taboos when traveling to Vietnam – Dressing

In particular, when visiting sacred temples and pagodas, it is necessary to avoid wearing revealing clothes, shorts, tank tops, and short skirts. Similar to cultural and historical sites, it is also necessary to dress politely.

Carrying a lot of cash, and expensive equipment is not recommended. Vietnamese people are friendly but sometimes theft still happens, Tourists need to protect themselves and their luggage. More carefully, visitors can actively prepare personal items such as brushes, soaps, toilet paper, combs, towels,…

Safer, Travelers can choose travel insurance if necessary. Vietnamese people are very friendly and open, so when prompted, visitors can actively change quickly and easily. A local tour guide, and a guided tour package will be a wise choice to avoid taboos when traveling to Vietnam! Find out more about package tours at the website:

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