What not to do when traveling in Cambodia

What not to do when traveling in Cambodia

Beautiful sceneries may be seen across Cambodia. Additionally, travelers enjoy the warm welcome of the locals when they experience tourism in this area. When you need assistance, you will get it with kindness and dedication. Cultural differences are unavoidable despite the friendliness. As a result, Cambodia continues to adhere to its own set of cultural norms and laws, particularly those what not to do when traveling in Cambodia. 

List of what not to do when traveling in Cambodia 

  • The head is considered to be the most sacred part of the body in both Buddhist and Cambodian cultures. Please refrain from patting anyone's head, including children.

What not to do when traveling in Cambodia 

What not to do when traveling in Cambodia 

  • Similar to the last rule, DO NOT use your feet to push an object toward someone or to point at them because they are the lowest portions of your body. DO NOT sit cross-legged or with your legs extended if you must sit on the floor at a pagoda. Instead, take a slanting seat on your heels. Try to switch to your other side if the position starts to feel unpleasant.

  • Avoid carrying single currency. It is vital to carry US dollars because anything costing more than $1 must be paid in dollars, but change for purchases of less than $1 is given back in Riel.

  • Buddhist monks are held in high esteem and respect. Women are not permitted to touch the body or garment of a monk.

  • Do not go for elephant rides. Everywhere you go, you will be tempted to take an elephant ride, but please resist. It is extremely painful for the animals, and if these actions are marketed to tourists, it could worsen their situation. 

  • Since public shows of affection like kisses and hugs are frowned upon in Cambodian society, it is not uncommon for them to occur. 

  • Avoid laughing and speaking loudly when in public spaces, on holy sites like pagodas, and within public buildings. Also, refrain from shouting.

  • Please refrain from resenting Cambodian customs, which can be seen as impolite in your nation, as they differ from your own due to cultural differences.

  • Avoid wearing jewelry. When visiting Cambodia, you ought to wear modest clothing and refrain from wearing flashy jewelry. Not only is it thought to be vulgar, but you'll probably get in trouble for it as well. The streets and markets are frequent targets for thieves and pickpockets, just like in any other nation.

  • Do not use your left hand. Being aware of which hand to use when is appropriate is an aspect of manners. Never use your left hand for anything other than toilet-related tasks in Cambodia, where it is customary to use it that way. It is considered impolite to eat with your left hand, touch anyone or anything, or give someone something with your left hand.

What not to do when traveling in Cambodia

What not to do when traveling in Cambodia

Conclusion about what not to do when traveling in Cambodia

The culture of Cambodia is quite traditional and religious, and Buddhism there is still developing. As a result, there will be a lot of unique laws that set us apart from other nations like Vietnam. But choosing this location as your next family vacation spot will also be an exciting experience. Before coming here, you should properly research and prepare. You can use the information about what not to do when traveling in Cambodia to your advantage. For more information, please visit the website http://asiatravelinks.com/.

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