Maybe you missing these Vietnamese traditional foods

Maybe you missing these Vietnamese traditional foods

Food is always an important factor when visitprs choose a tourist destination. Vietnam is proud to be a country with a diverse cuisine from traditional to modern variations. The most attractive tourists are Vietnamese traditional foods with extremely unique flavors. In this article, let's find out what dishes maybe you missing in these Vietnamese traditional foods:

Chung cake - a dish associated with the taste of the Tet holiday

Chung cake is one of the most well-known Vietnamese traditional foods during the traditional Tet holiday. The cake is made from ingredients including Sticky rice, pork filling, spices, and green beans. It will be wrapped with banana leaves, and boiled in water for 12 hours. Finally, Chung Cake is soft, square shaped and delicious.

Vietnamese traditional foods - Chung cake 

Vietnamese traditional foods - Chung cake 

Pho – the soul of Vietnam

When it comes to Vietnamese cuisine, Pho is always the pride of Vietnamese people! Pho is famous all over the world, a dish consisting of noodles made from rice and bone broth. Tourists can choose Pho beef, pork or chicken served with herbs and spices: chili sauce, lemon, and fish sauce, ...

Bun Cha - a traditional dish of the North

Bun Cha is one of the Vietnamese traditional foods associated with the long history of the capital. Noodles are served with grilled pork rolls on charcoal, a cup of sweet and sour fish sauce, and raw vegetables. This is also a dish that many famous people used to eat like former US President Barack Obama.

Bun Bo Hue - A typical dish with an unforgettable taste

Bun Bo Hue is such a famous dish that visitors can easily find it at many addresses in big cities. The original Hue beef noodle soup has big vermicelli, the broth is extremely sweet with the taste of stewed bones, cinnamon flavor, and very typical Hue spices.

Spring rolls - Vietnamese specialty

Vietnamese spring rolls have been voted by CNN as one of the 40 best dishes in the world. This dish often appears on special occasions in Vietnam, used to treat guests. The dish is a mixture of ingredients: minced pork, shiitake mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, dried onions, and carrots. bean sprouts, spices. All are brought and wrapped in rice paper and fried in a pan filled with oil. Spring rolls will be eaten with sweet and sour fish sauce, delicious and very interesting.

Banh Xeo – A specialty from rice

Banh Xeo is a famous specialty of Central and South Vietnam. This is a cake made from finely ground rice flour mixed with water, then fried a layer of flour on a hot oil pan with shrimp, meat, eggs, fresh bean sprouts, green onions, etc. Banh Xeo will be eaten with sour fish sauce. sweets and raw vegetables.

Vietnamese traditional foods - Banh Xeo

Vietnamese traditional foods - Banh Xeo

In brief, the listed Vietnamese traditional foods are all extremely delicious and have unique flavors. Tourists in Vietnam cannot ignore these dishes! In addition, Vietnam also has many other traditional dishes, visitors can choose package tours to fully enjoy at the website:

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