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Students !! What have you prepared for the future ???

In 2017, Vietnam received additional 200,000 unemployed bachelors, the rest after graduation almost accept to work as "temporary" jobs that are not in the right profession or not very popular. The reason is that most students nowadays are too absorbed in learning knowledge at universities but forget about practical experience at companies and businesses. Therefore, before the employer's question: "What experience have you had in this position", Almost reply falteringly.

How about you? If you are:

 An enthusiastic and dynamic young person who lacks practical work experience?

 Coming out of school but still very vague about what I'm really good at?

 Have aspirations, wills and efforts but have not found an appropriate environment to devote?

️ Come to the Marketing team of Asia Travel Links. Do not save your youth to prepare for unemployment !!!

What will you get when participating in MARKETING PRACTICE at ASIA TRAVE LINKS?

You will learn 4 topics for free with direct guidance from the Leader, Particularly:


SEO website: Standard SEO article writing skills, set up SEO keyword industry cover up to 10,000 keywords, guide the entire process of keyword SEO to TOP 1-2-3 in just 3-6 months.

Writing PR - Advertising: A guide to the whole formula of writing articles according to the most updated concepts with a very attractive title on social networks.

Google Adwords


At the same time:

Asked about any issues related to Marketing.

Feel free to express yourself, contribute ideas to the leadership.

Consideration for official work if done well.

Flexible practice schedule according to your schedule (minimum 4 sessions / week).

The environment is comfortable, eating and drinking, lunch and compensation are always worth the effort.

What is your job at Asia Travel Links?

===> Support Marketing team in advertising campaigns, organizing events and work under instruction of team leader.

Join our Marketing team now to experience the HOT industry today


You feel you can make a difference at Greentours Indochina please send a covering letter and CV to

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