Indochina within your reach

Pull yourself away from the bustling daily life to seek for self-relaxation and let your mind wander with the clouds, to think less and feel more. Admire the beautiful scenery, the green primeval forests and go on an exciting adventure of your own. Participate in kayaking, cycling, hiking or interacting with the indigenous people. The simplicity, friendliness and hospitality that can be found anywhere in Indochina will make you eager to return for more. 

Our trips


Arrival: Da Nang

Departure: Hue

5 Days 4 Nights

From: US$ 281/Person


Arrival: Ho Chi Minh

Departure: Ho Chi Minh

3 Days 2 Nights

From: US$ 213/Person

Tips & Advices

1. Food list: While you explore new cuisines, take a list of dishes and food spots to make sure that you don’t miss any famous local specialty.

2. Small first-aid kit: Keeping digestive pills and common medicines with you is essential to stay healthy during the trip because trying the local food and new flavors can be quite upsetting for the stomach. 

3. Respect culture: A culinary trip is not just about enjoying foods, it also a chance to visit local attractions; so keep in mind to dress appropriately and take your footwear off when visiting local religious sites or temples.

4. Watch belongings: In general, Indochina is a safe place for travelling, but you should keep an eye on your valuables in crowded places or markets to avoid petty theft.

5. Shop: Negotiate the price before buying things except at fixed price stores.

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