ASIA TRAVEL LINKS presented gifts for poor households in Tan Loi commune

ASIA TRAVEL LINKS presented gifts for poor households in Tan Loi commune

Asia Travel Links presented gifts for poor households in Tan Loi commune

To welcome the upcoming Tet Holiday and responding to the movement of "Week for the Poor 2019" of Thai Nguyen Province, Asia Travel Links had organized a voluntary program for the poor households in Thai Nguyen province to share part of their difficulties.

In the cold drizzle throughout Thai Nguyen, we all dreamt of the warm spring approaching - The season of love. Asia Travel Links  hoped that these gifts would bring warmth to the poor people in Tan Loc Commune, Dong Hy District, Thai Nguyen Province. With the message of "Tet is sharing, warm spring is coming", the charitable activities always receive special attention from the Board of Director of Asia Travel Links every year.


Shortly after the ceremony was held at the headquarters of the People's Committee of Tan Loi Commune, despite the cold weather and rugged roads, the Board of Directors of Asia Travel Links came to Cau Luu hamlet to deliver the gifts of VND 50,000,000 in cash for Ms. Vuong Thi Phuong's family, with the desire to bring them a new and stable home to welcome a warm and happy Tet Holiday. On that occation, Asia Travel Links also gave some gifts for Tet Holiday to other households in Tan Loi commune.

Earlier on November 24, 2018, the representatives of Greentours visited the poor households in Bao Nang hamlet. After witnessing the difficult life of the locals, the Board of Director of Greentours decided to provide support in cash to build houses for a poverty-stricken family - Ms. Vuong Thi Phuong, a single mother.


These gifts however small, they carried in themselves a great meaning, which were the wishes of Asia Travel Links staff to people of Tan Loi commune, hoping that the unfortunate households would be able to welcome a warm, healthy and joyful Tet Holiday.


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